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SoundTouch Events

SoundTouch is organising a number of exciting and innovative events throughout 2018, please feel free to join us at any of the following:


2nd, 6.30-8.30pm – "Light of the Full Moon" , The Sound Lodge, Hexham

Come and sit round the fire at our Sound Meditation in the light of the full moon. Attuning to the powerful balancing and healing rhythms of Mother Earth like at the times of the New/ Full Moon, helps us, as one participant says, "feel more grounded, relaxed, empowered and vibrant." £20


We will be using colour to enhance the experience of the healing and balancing Full Moon along with Voice, Gongs and Monochord. Booking required, cost £20

17th, 2-3.30pm – "Preparing for Spring" Gong and Silence Meditation for the Spring Equinox , The Sound Lodge, Hexham

Spring officially begins with the Spring Equinox marking the first day of spring and renewal in Nature. We will be tuning in with the abundant rising energy of the Spring Equinox to deepen the experience along with Gongs, elemental sounds and silence. .

Come celebrate, reflect and "renew " at this wonderful time of year by the fire in the Sound Lodge. Booking required, cost £15

24th, 10-4pm – "The Eagle meets the Condor" Introduction to Shamanism, The Sound Lodge, Hexham

Unbelievably another year has passed since our first workshop together. Gwen and I are following our hearts and guidance and are committed to co-creating further opportunities for people to experience and learn to work in sacred ways. It is a real privilege for me to help facilitate Gwen share her extensive knowledge and our mutual gifts with the community at the Sound Lodge. It feels like the right time to "Remember and reconnect with the energy of the Old Ways" like we did when WaNaNeeChe Sioux/Ojibwa Teacher first held sacred Sweat Lodges here on the site of the Sound Lodge.

According to Shaman and Teacher Sandra Ingerman we need to start "going deeper" into regular spiritual practice, and as such it feels important to offer this day as another opportunity to connect in Nature and "go deeper," at whatever level you are at.

"Diving deeper is more of a kinaesthetic feeling where you feel all the insights you have read and heard are sinking deep into your cells so you are living the work instead of thinking of how to do your practices. It is an organic process that cannot be explained. You need to work through some of the projections you are placing onto others, work through issues around forgiveness, learn to love yourself and nurture yourself and use your words, thoughts, and daydreams as blessings instead of as curses. You need to stop blaming others for what is not working in your life and in the world and do your practices daily." Sandra Ingerman

The aim of our "Eagle meets the Condor" event is to learn to work and/or deepen your practice in sacred ways on many levels using Native American (Eagle) and Peruvian (Condor) traditions, and has been inspired through many years of learning and practice. We aim to ignite a spark to honour Earth, Water, Air and Fire and, as Don Americo suggests, "polish our windows of perception" in Life so that as we work, the ripples and blessings we create span across the web of life.

"I would just like to say thank you SO much for this introduction, it helped me se which way I need to go on my path and also reconnected me to the web of light, as I've been lost for quite some time. We both got a lot of healing from it and slept like logs that night"! (says a happy participant from last year!)

Our day is planned for around the time of the Spring Equinox on March 24th 10-4pm, cost £65. Please email me if you are interested. Cost £65

Walk in Beauty, Always,

Johanna and Gwen


Johanna worked initially with half/Sioux/IOjibwa Indian Teacher WaNaNeeChe building and hosting Sweat Lodges in Northumberland. She then trained with Mystic, Poet and Teacher Don Americo Yabaar in his native Peru, and in UK, America and Europe. Her study in "Shamanism of Light" with Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld is ongoing.

Gwen has been a Shamanic Practitioner in the Native American Tradition for more than 15 years. She was an apprentice for seven years learning the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and is qualified in Shamanic Therapy and Five Element Chinese Medicine. Whilst training she was invited to be a Sacred Pipe Carrier which she was honoured to accept and if asked, perform ceremonies.

Cancellation policy: Please note a partial refund is only possible up to 10 days before the event.


14th, 2-3.30pm – Gong and Silence Meditation, The Sound Lodge, Hexham

Our popular Gong and Silence Meditation with Planetary Gongs, elemental sounds and silence. Booking required, cost £15

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