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SoundTouch Events

SoundTouch is organising a number of exciting and innovative events throughout 2018, please feel free to join us at any of the following:


14th, 12-1.30pm – Sound Lounge "Sonic Valentine", The Queen's Hall, Hexham

Sound Lounge - a place to explore the senses through sound and vibration of the continuous resonant soundbath of Gongs, Tibetan Bowls and Vocal Harmonics.

We will be linking with World Sound Healing Day and creating our intentional sound to resonate our love and appreciation to Gaia.

Free event in the White Room at the Queen's Hall Hexham

17th, 2-3.30pm – Gong and Silence Meditation, The Sound Lodge, Hexham

The Gong is believed to produce the Universal sound of Om and creates a vast "ocean of sound" to still the mind, soothe the spirit and resonate the chakras. The rejuvenating sound waves in this popular meditative experience are healing, harmonising and energising. Cost £15

After the sound and resonance we observe silence for a while as part of the meditation. Booking required


2nd, 6.30-8pm – "Attuning to the Healing of the Full Moon" , The Sound Lodge, Hexham

Come and sit round the fire at our Sound Meditation in the light of the full moon. Attuning to the powerful balancing and healing rhythms of Mother Earth like at the times of the New/ Full Moon, helps us, as one participant says, "feel more grounded, relaxed, empowered and vibrant." £15


17th, 2-4pm – "Preparing for Spring" Sound and Colour Meditation for the Spring Equinox , The Sound Lodge, Hexham

Spring officially begins with the Spring Equinox marking the first day of spring and renewal in Nature. .

Come celebrate, reflect and "renew " at this wonderful time of year by the fire in the Sound Lodge with Colour, Voice, Gongs, Monochord and Mantras. £20.00

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