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Introduction to Shamanism





I have been drumming with Gwen for many years and we have always shared a humour and a yearning for the right time to unite and offer Shamanic work that incorporated both the Native American and Peruvian traditions. Our aim of “The Eagle meets the Condor” is to work in sacred ways on many levels using Native American (Eagle) and Peruvian (Condor) traditions and has been inspired through many years of learning and experience. It is a real privilege for me to help facilitate Gwen share her extensive knowledge and our mutual gifts with the Community at the Sound Lodge so that together we may “Remember and reconnect with the energy of the Old Ways” like we did when WaNaNeeChe Sioux/Ojibwa Teacher first held sacred Sweat Lodges here on the site of the Sound Lodge.

“The Eagle meets the Condor”

  • “Introduction to Shamanism” day courses held at the Sound Lodge.
  • “Walks with Horses” Drumming group started after our first Introduction to Shamanism as a means to carry on weaving our web of light into the Community.  The group meets monthly as an “open” group session at Core Music, Gilesgate, Hexham.
  • “Hummingbird Gatherings” An opportunity for sharing and exploring more in-depth drumming and journeying, gentle Peruvian energy work to connect us with the Pacha Mama, our Voices and Mother Drum. A regular gathering every 6-8 weeks or so at the Sound Lodge for people who want to connect, journey, sing, grow and evolve together. 


I worked initially with half/Sioux/Ojibwa Indian Teacher WaNaNeeChe building and hosting Sweat Lodges in Northumberland and then trained with Mystic, Poet and Teacher Don Americo Yabaar in his native Peru, and in UK, America and Europe. My study in “Shamanism of Light” with Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld is ongoing.

Gwen has been a Shamanic Practitioner in all aspects of the Native American Tradition for 15 years. She trained as a pupil/apprentice with Simone Silverpath for many years. In 2003 she completed a two year Diploma Course in Shamanic Therapy and Five Element Medicine. Whilst training she was invited to be a Sacred Pipe carrier which she was honoured to accept and if asked, will perform ceremonies.


"Hi all I would just like to say thank you SO much for Saturday, we both really enjoyed the Introduction to Shamanism day. I got so much from it, it helped me see which way I need to go on my path and also reconnected me to the web of light, as I've been lost for quite some time, due to illness and bereavement. We both got a lot of healing from it, and slept like logs that night. Really looking forward to the next one" - N and D

"What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon, drumming with laughter. Thank you both". - S

"Prayers are answered! Great drumming session again. So much power and harmony. Thank you both again. I love what is happening". - L

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