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SoundTouch clients figure very dearly to us and we are pleased to share some of the comments we have received recently.

A Work Group Session at the Sound Lodge

Johanna arranged a bespoke session in the Sound Lodge for the Michael Heppell Ltd team. We arrived at the session not quite sure what to expect, and left feeling relaxed, refreshed and with plenty of food for thought.Our session helped us to clear our minds, rest our bodies and experience resonance and its healing qualities - something of value to all of us in the business world.We are happy to recommend Johanna and her intriguing and innovative techniques.Experience sound therapy - we dare you! Michael and Christine Heppell
Michael and Christine Heppell

Beltane 2021

I just wanted to say what a fabulous afternoon we had with you last Saturday. It was very special. We have all said that the energy amongst us was very powerful. We got so much from the experience individually and collectively. Here is a little testimonial: ‘Johanna skilfully crafts a comforting, safe and open atmosphere to help you relax deeply into the whole sound bathing experience. As a small group, we were given opportunities to collectively share in the joy of our energies. We were given space and presence to simply be ourselves and to see what individual experiences emerged. It was beautifully healing from start to finish. Thank you kindly for holding this sacred circle for us. We will see you again.’

Earth Day Singing for the Trees April 2018

"It was such an amazing experience, thank you so much for having us"

Evening Sound Meditation

"I thought you might like to know I felt much better the following morning - like a cloud had lifted and, whilst I am not yet firing on all cylinders, there is a definite improvement and I am thankful for that. Thank you so much for everything - the soundtouch is very powerful. It was also lovely to chat afterwards".

Exloration of Healing Voice

"LIfe has changed sooo much since I came to see you in December - feel sooo much more empowered, and Sarah feels like me now. It was such an amazing afternoon.. quite crazy really with all that wind!"
S Scott.

Full Moon Colour and Gong Meditation

"Thank you for such a beautiful and much needed colour gong session. We all skipped along the lane to the car and felt very uplifted and Light."  . We will definitely be back.  Love and Blessings 

Gong and Silence Meditation

"I just wanted to say thankyou to you and Trevor for this evening and for being looked after so well. I loved the gongs and went somewhere far off and the world was a very vibrant place when we emerged. I really liked the native american ritual and also loved the reading at the end, could you let me know what it was. The Gongs were so amazing, a heart felt thank and blessings."
Ross Menzies

Harmonising with Singing Bowls

"I just wanted to say thankyou so much for today. I got so much from the session on so many levels and also chatting to you after- I feel so blessed to be able to access your workshops and the special space that you hold in the soundlodge."

Healing Voice Workshop

"We really enjoyed the healing voice workshop. I can still picture myself entering the healing space, a smile came over me 'from the inside out'. The structure of the wooden structure, the cobweb, the amazing stones - nature being in tune with us. That's my intuitive feedback Smiling face with smiling eyes."
K Woods

Individual Session

"That was a wonderful , enlightening and soul moving experience.I will incubate it all and think about hearthealing for the future .You give so much - knowledge, understanding and kindness."
Professor Elaine Perry

Introduction to Colour and Sound Meditation

"What a beautiful group and experience - thank you"
A. Jackson

"I very much enjoyed the workshop and it made a lot of spiritual sense to me".
M. Mayassi

Introduction to Shamanism "The Eagle meets the Condor"

Hi all I would just like to say thank you SO much for Saturday, we both really enjoyed it. I got so much from it, it helped me see which way I need to go on my path and also reconnected me to the web of light, as I've been lost for quite some time, due to illness and bereavement. We both got a lot of healing from it, and slept like logs that night. Really looking forward to the next one. Much love,
N and D (participants)

Introduction to Shamanism "The Eagle meets the Condor"

Hi Johanna Just a few words to say thank you for the lovely day. It's always a pleasure to be back at the sound lodge. I meant to ask you where you got the very fine tinkly sounding bell?  I think it would be a lovely way to finish my therapies and to bring people "back" when they've been so relaxed.

Meditation for Samhain

"A magical evening of gong and cello resulted in a feeling of total renewal and a serious cleansing of everything. A shooting star overhead finished off a perfect evening - Halloween will never be the same again ". Thank you so much , Johanna.
Tanya Reed

Metamorphic Technique session

"I want to thank you for recognising the support I needed this week.  I felt/feel very held and have found a new wave of energy and a different energy to approach my work and my relationships with.  It was a very powerful experience and I am letting it settle and things change, embracing the metamorphoses. Thank you for opening up this space."

Metamorphic Technique.

I have had several Metamorphic Technique sessions with Johanna which were  profound and absolutely pivotal in transforming my life!  As well as the MT which is gentle but so powerful, Johanna intuitively brought colour and sound healing into the sessions which added a whole other dimension. I am incredibly grateful for what I received and thankful that such 'magic' is present in Hexham!  Johanna also holds beautiful sacred ceremonies in her yurt, which is a sound lodge, and with meditation and sound creates space of deep healing.  Wonderful!
Deborah T.

New Moon Gong and Silence July 2021

Thank you for the session it was an amazing experience. The sound was so relaxing, and it is unbelievable the experience that it gives you. Ian says he is really interested in how the Sound does something to you. I saw lots of images in my head, normally I don't see images in my head when I think of things I normally just see black (someone once told me that was part of being dyslexic but I'm not so sure). Anyway, I saw colours of orange and yellow and red and blue, I saw eyes, and trees, and water, and a cat that changed into a fox. At one point a feeling built up intensely in my chest and then seemed to burst out of my forehead (3rd eye?). It was an experience like I've never had. We both loved it, and are interested in coming back. The silence lasted until we got on the car then we started talking all about it!
Thank you again Andrea & Ian

Thank you for a wonderful session Johanna. It was very deep and incredibly relaxing. It helped to diffuse (a little) of my existential angst of current times. Clarity in some form showed up for me and strong connection with earth. It helped to remain close to this for the rest of the day. A wonderful nights sleep much needed!
Thank you Rumana

I wanted to send you my heartfelt thank you for such an exquisite sound healing on Saturday. I had just completed a week on a Therapeutic Coaching training and it was absolutely the perfect complement. I very much appreciated your care and attention and found the connection to the universe exercise very powerful indeed. You prepared and took us through the session so beautifully thank you. The combination of music, singing and the sensory experience was in wonderful balance and felt so nurturing. I have been floating around all weekend and had such a wonderful sleep last night. Thank you Johanna and I am very happy to have found a small piece of Peru within a few miles of home.
N Foster

Prayer for Tibet Mindfulness and Sound Meditation.

"Living Mindfully has worked with Johanna on several occasions and have always found the experience inspirational and uplifting. Johanna’s professionalism and dedication always shine through making the event both meaningful and a profound learning experience. The combination of mindfulness and sound is a powerful mix, and has proven popular with our staff and clients"
Gary Heads, Director Living Mindfully

Sacred Pipe Ceremony December 2017

"Thank you for welcoming me at your Sacred Pipe Ceremony. It felt very special and I noticed that changes were occurring over the following 24 hours. i.e. regulatory dreams and healing. It felt, to me, as if everyone was very interested in every one else's journey as well as their own and there seemed to be quite a lot of areas where I felt I connected with what others were saying. In this way it felt very much like being a part of something bigger than myself and left me feeling that there was a sense of community". Much appreciated.

Sacred Sound

‘During the sound lodge sessions I feel so safe, nurtured and cared for. As the session deepens, this enables me to let go of my mind chatter and deeply connect to the higher energies and vibrations present. The sessions enable me to feel total connection with my body, with nature and the present moment. The sounds and chanting feel as though they cleanse the energetic pathways in my body and bring my being back into harmony. It is such an amazing gift for my soul and such a worthwhile experience to attend these sessions.’ --
Tracy Greener

Sacred Sound Toning and Chanting

I very much enjoyed the afternoon, thank you. , the banter over tea seems an essential part of the experience, to share such a workshop experience as a group it seems somehow essential to share some ordinary worldly words afterwards. In terms of written feedback that might be helpful to others thinking of coming along for the first time I would just like to offer that.. .'... in practical terms it consists of a nice drive out to the countryside to sit in a lovely yurt for a couple of hours with like minded people.... Listening to the beautiful sound of sacred chants... made even more special as the resonance of my own voice as part of that sound feels very inclusive....magic !...and I can't even sing !'.
Wendy Hall

Sonic Valentine

"A very belated thank you for such a special afternoon last Saturday; uplifting and inspiring. Your manner is simply beautiful; compelling, sincere and gentle. Thank you once again we were so impressed."

"So many thanks for yet another wonderful session yesterday. It seems to be such a wonderful way to spend Valentines Day and one we would not want to miss".
Helen and Graham

Sonic Valentine 14th February 2015

"I was incredibly moved by the whole event. Thank you."
L. Summers

Sonic Valentine 2017

"Thank you I really  found the Sound Healing a very powerful experience. Like being part of a mind bending choir".
L Sage

Sonic Valentine 2019

Hi Johanna I just wanted to thank you for the great experience in the Queens Hall. I thoroughly enjoyed your contribution and particularly that wonderful new ‘instrument ‘. Fabulous Thanks again.
Mary Richard.

Sound For Peace Meditation 14th February 2013

I just wanted to let you know how amazing I found the sound lodge on Valentine's day. I got so much from it and I am looking forward to attending the Spring Equinox on the 20th March. I told my partner about it and he very much wants to attend as well.

Sound Healing with Monochord

"I absolutely loved the sound healing session yesterday and found it valuable. I felt very uplifted afterwards and had a wonderful deep sleep last night (so much so that I almost slept through when my 10-month old son woke up!). Thank you for the chat afterwards as well, as it was great to connect with you on some of the background and philosophy". Many thanks again
Julia C.

Soundtouch Personal Sessions:

"I had my blood pressure taken just after my first Soundtouch session and it had gone down significantly. I then had another two sessions and my blood pressure remains stable."
Healthcare professional

Spring Equinox 20th March 2015

" We just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful magical and memorable evening yesterday. To say we thoroughly enjoyed it would be something of an understatement. I do think your little cat would truly think she had a fitting 'send off'. She was determined to wait until she thought the time was perfect - how right she was. It is only humans who have to be taught how to enjoy life, evidently if ever there was a contented cat then you had it ! For Trevor to round the evening off really did make it special - something we have always wanted to do but never got around to it, many thanks".
Helen and Graham

Summer Solstice 21st June 2013

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Summer Solstice Celebration - it really was a magical evening and one I will remember in the dark winter months - the light was so beautiful. You really put together a magic mix of ingredients and I could see how much thought and preparation had gone in to it all, so thank you.
Ros Murray

We first heard of Johanna when she organised a therapy session at the Sage in Gateshead. My husband and I went along and were truly amazed at the affect this event had on our well-being. Since that first gathering we have attended several others and each one has been a truly remarkable experience. I have always been interested in alternative therapies and have attended many different venues all over Britain. I have also taught alternative therapies for several years but I must say, Johanna’s sessions stand head and shoulders above anything I have ever experienced. Her therapies are calming, relaxing and inspirational. We have never come without feeling healed in some way. Johanna involves everyone on all levels but never puts pressure on anyone to participate in anything they do not feel comfortable with. At the end of each meeting not only Johanna but her wonderful, welcoming family always offer refreshments to allow everyone to gradually return to ‘the real world’ and feel at total peace. I would recommend Johanna to anyone and everyone – I can guarantee you will have the best night’s sleep ever with a feeling of inner peace which continues for some time.
Helen Rowson

Summer Solstice Meditation

"A beautiful soulful evening"
A. Jackson

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