Sound Touch - Harmony and Balance Through Sound

Sacred ground full of healing tradition
in The Heart of Nature

About Johanna Sheehan

Over 30 years of therapeutic experience and training to bring harmony and balance.

I’m Johanna and I started SoundTouch back in 2008. I am a qualified Sound Healing Practitioner. At the heart of everything I offer is my very special Sound Lodge, built on sacred ground full of healing tradition. I describe the Lodge as a piece of my heart as it encompasses much of who I am. It’s such a transformative and magical place for spiritual wellbeing, and I love that I can share this special place with you.

I have over 30 years therapeutic and healing experience and for the last 20 years I’ve been combining a unique mix of Peruvian energy work with sound, voice, ceremony, and colour, to bring harmony and balance.

Johanna Sheehan Gong Bath Johanna Sheehan Gong Bath Johanna Sheehan Gong Bath

“An amazing afternoon... quite crazy really with all that wind!”
S.S. (Artist)

I started working with Andean Mystic Don Americo Yabar and learnt energy practices the Salka way. I have worked with him in Peru, Colorado, Holland and in the UK. Don Americo’s work gave me a strong foundation of understanding to build on. I trained and qualified in Sound Healing with Simon Heather at the College of Sound Healing. And through Gong Master Don Conreaux, discovered the healing potential of playing Paiste Planetary Gongs of the Sun, Moon and Earth as my principal instruments. All very cosmic!

I’ve also trained with Sound Healing Pioneer Jonathan Goldman in Vocal Harmonics, and ongoing study with Musician, Composer and Acupuncturist Fabien Maman* and Terres Unsoeld of Tama-Do in Shamanism of Light. *Cited in Webster's Dictionary as "the founding father of Vibrational Sound Therapy".

The fusion of Andean shamanic wisdom and various Sacred Sound traditions provide the energetic foundation for my creative approach to harmony and wellbeing. It’s such a delight to me to be able to offer this infusion at the Sound Lodge! As one participant said, “it truly is a little bit of Peru in Northumberland”.

“What a beautiful group and experience - thank you.”
A.J. (Retired Teacher)

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