Sound Touch - Harmony and Balance Through Sound

Events are held all year round
in the Heart of Nature

SoundTouch Events

Many events follow the rhythm of the moon cycles, and sun cycles at Solstice and Equinox times.

By actively participating in the natural cycles such as the Equinoxes, Solstices and the phases of the Moon, we can attune ourselves to the creative forces that flow through us and learn how-to live-in harmony and balance with ourselves and with Mother Earth.

A “sense of ceremony” is an important part of what we’ll do together. Ceremonies are all about connection, providing a bridge between the physical and the energy fields that exist within you and around you. Every time we work with ceremony we can connect more deeply into our own sense of sacredness, a vital part of the great web of Life.

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“It was beautifully healing from start to finish.”
N.G. (Nurse)


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All of the meditations and workshops are for 6 -8 people and take place in the well-ventilated Sound Lodge, allowing for generous personal distancing. If you’d prefer a more private and exclusive experience, smaller sessions for 2 people can be arranged by appointment. Contact Johanna for more information.

Events start at £30 for individuals with discounts for 2 or more booking together. To book your space, you can either email Johanna or Direct Message the SoundTouch Facebook page.

“So uplifting and inspiring. Your manner is simply beautiful; compelling, sincere and gentle.”
R.W. (Psychologist)

Each group meditation starts with a short, mindful barefoot walk across the grass (optional and weather permitting) where you’ll be wowed by the vast Northumbrian skies and magnificent views overlooking the Tyne valley towards Hadrian's Wall. At this point we start our energetic connection with Mother Earth learning some very simple movement, which enables us to set our intentions and connect before we enter the Sound Lodge, our heart-warming 16-foot Yurt.

Once inside, we’ll gather around the traditional wood burning stove to begin our meditation. The resonant sound and harmonics you can expect to experience, create vibrational changes in the physical/emotional body and in the busy mind, (you can often feel the vibration) so that as internal shifts occur, you start to truly relax, wind-down and come into harmony.

We often start with a simple humming and breathing practice to harmonise with one another. Numerous instruments such as Monochord, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowl and Shamanic Drum are interwoven around the regenerating Gong Bath to help still the mind, soothe the spirit and uplift you.

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